Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New OSP Stuff! :)

Today is very windy in Santa Barbara and I'm afraid to go outside so I've been tweaking out OSP! As you can see we got our look all modified for the new features which is sweet! ...and I'm gonna be adding some styling options in the coming weeks so people can pick their own look and feel.

I also wanted to point out some new features! You can now add in a profile picture that is different from your Avatar and it shows up in your profile section so when you visit peoples profile or leave them a message they'll get to see your pretty face with it! Also, be sure to add in your "Personal Statement"

...and you'll notice that the colors on the member names is different and it relates to the member status. If you have 0-30 posts then you are in the "Shy Cat" group and your color is gray. When you hit 30 posts your color is green and you are advanced into the "Knowledge Cat" group and when you hit 300 posts you are advanced into the "Love Cat" group and your color is red!

With each group comes extra features like more PM's allowed and more space to upload files and stuff like that. Also, once you reach the Knowledge Cat group you can post HTML and stuff like that too so don't be shy for too long! :)


p.s. the chat room has been a riot when I've been in there so don't miss out on that!


Natalie Joy said...

ooh! I'd better get posting!:)

amynave said...

Don't blame the wind on why you're afraid to go outside:P

You'll be fine!!!!!!!!