Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nespresso Club

A couple of weeks ago I showed you all an exciting way to add sugar to your coffee and now I have a more advanced video with the making of an espresso via "The Cube"

Click here to Watch and learn.

Shyla, Emily, and Susan came up from Pictage for sushi and then we had a PUG party!

...and last night the PUG group came over and hungout and it was so fun.

It's such a wonderful group and here in the photo is our fearless leader and super stud film photographer Michael Costa, and then we have the amazing Lyons and De La Torre's! and be sure to see more hilarious pictures on Shyla's blog! You can even see my Christmas tree and Justin trying to eat my big nose. :)


Anonymous said...

ewww don't wait so long to drink it! lol As soon as there's no more creme on top of the shot, it's no good! haha Putting milk in it asap will "hold" it longer.

hehe I used to be a barista (at the Seattle's Best cafe in Borders!) and we went through a whole week of training. lol If we let a shot sit there for too long we had to throw it out!

I'm such a coffee snob. ;)

|| davidjay || said...

Oh Awesome! I didn't know I was supposed to do that! cool - tomorrow I will try it with milk.

Toronto Wedding&Portrait Photographer, Andreas. said...

I actually got the same system as well, and after one week of using it ( I drink a lot of espressos) I decided to return it, simply because of the amount of waste I was generating. I loved that you just toss a pod in and make a coffee, actually that allowed me to drink more coffee since it was so simple, but then i looked at how much my can of Illy Coffee cost vs the pods and looked at my recycling bin and decided that the cost of that system over the "hassle" of having to pack my own coffee was worth going back to the oldschool way of making coffee.
In Cuba they make espresso by putting the coffee down first then putting a spoon full of raw sugar on top of the coffee then running the pressurized water through that. If you have a normal espresso machine try that, it's a great way of getting a nice burnt sugar taste in your coffee! The one thing I did like about the that it looks smart, and is really easy and clean to use.


Anonymous said...

mmmm she's right...Cuban shots are delicious! We used to make them with a little bit of cinnamon on top of the raw sugar too. So good! :)

Toronto Wedding&Portrait Photographer, Andreas. said...

uh, she?

dude...not dudette ;)

Anonymous said...

lol!! I totally read your name as "Andrea's Photo" My bad! ^__^

swag said...

Mmmm. Nothing says 'yummy' like pre-ground coffee beans aged in a plastic capsule -- pulled as a shot of coffee's equivalent to instant Tang.

|| davidjay || said...

lol... that's funny dude. Taste's pretty good to me and it's easy and fast!