Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's always a choice

It was 3am and I was standing in Gary Fong's kitchen when I realized that all my sites were down and that my webhost's errors resulted in over 20k in lost revenue this past needless to say I wasn't happy.

Everyone else was asleep and I remember just standing there with my hands on my head thinking how on earth am I going to get on a plane in a few hours and enjoy this vacation.

I considered not coming and I started thinking of all the things that were being affected by this. I got myself quite upset over all these problems.

Then I remembered - Life will always have problems and the bigger everything gets the more problems that will come about. So I made a decision right there that even though life will have lots of problems I'm not going to let those problems run my life.

It's been pretty amazing that once I accepted the fact that these problems exist and problems bigger than this will probably exist in the future I was able to forget about them and start having a blast here in Cancun! It's been amazing and Gary sure knows how to pick the hotels! This place is insane.

Here is the view from my room last night. I love my new camera because it has full manual capabilities so I can do long exposures.

and here's another pic of Gary and Missy last night! How cute are they!

and then another shot from my room this morning!

I slept in until 11 and then we had lunch and sat out by the pool reading. Tomorrow Gary signed us up for a cooking class. lol.... Gary is so smart. When I get engaged I'm going to sign me and my fiance up for cooking class, massage class, etc etc... I learn a lot from Gary.


Anonymous said...

DJ that's a bummer that you lost that revenue... but just remember this famous quote:

"Money you don't get is money you don't have"

Anonymous said...

DJ - I'm glad you went, I'm glad you are enjoying your time there! I got that hosting we were talking about and we should be good to go SOON! :) We'll get that revenue stream back going!

Awesome photos! It's so hard to remember to take & make great photos when you're on vacation. You guys make the rest of us jealous as heck!

|| davidjay || said...

Did you make that quote up Gary?

Matt that's awesome! I sent you that email and like 2 seconds later I saw the order come through! Dang you're fast!

mark said...

hey DJ don't let this slide, remember everything the devil steals from you, he has to repay 7 times. he owes you 140k.

|| davidjay || said...

sweet! do i get interest too!

Natalie Joy said...

Ditto Mark!
wow!!! that hotel is AMAZING!!!!!
Looks like your having a blast!
Have fun cooking!;)

brad knapp said...

"my webhost's errors resulted in over 20k in lost revenue this past week"

Ok, I'm confused. How many employees do you have? Don't get me wrong, but if you lost 20k in lost revenue from your site being down for one week, that equals 1,040,000 a year in internet sales alone. If you're doing that well, good for you!

But ... I bought one of your products a few weeks ago and had one question. So I emailed, PM'd via OSP Forum, and emailed again without a response. If you're pulling in 20k/week in online sales alone, it's time to go hire a few more monkeys.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Brad - :) Monkeys are actually my favorite animals but I try and keep'em to a minimum around here.

...and I actually don't do support and especially not via OSP Private Message system. Please use the support system via which has been a 24hr response time.

Even if I hired more "monkeys" I would still ask that you use the support system in place.


amynave said...

Good post. Yes it's always a choice, which I'm now figuring out.

However, even though I I know I have a choice, I would have been sad if you had bailed and left me in the airport:)

|| davidjay || said...

I wouldn't have left you in the airport...I wouldn't have even gone to the airport - lol

amynave said...


Be nice to me:)

amynave said...


Where was I when you all were at the pool???????

Anonymous said...

the effects make those photos look like vintage postcards. cool stuff.

Sarah Barlow said...

After you learn how to cook can you come over to our house..cause no one seems to want to cook around here...LOL!

Anonymous said...

DJ, If Brad is correct about the 1,040,000 for your sales on just internet sales, that is awesome! Like Gary said "Money you don't get is money you don't have" and so it's not you "lost" $20k but you have earned $1,020,000 on internet sales ALONE this year (which isn't even officially over yet) so WOW! You've definetly been working it and no need to stress but congratulate yourself for being so successful on and on! Hope you enjoy that awesome vacation! Wish I could go off to some awesome tropical warm place with a cool view ~
Hey have you guys heard of the hotel chain "one and only"? Very posh place somewhere in mexico too...I heard you get your own butler!!

Kimberly said...

DJ--still having hosting problems? I have a friend who does his own hosting (and handles my hosting) He might be able to help if you need it.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Cancun, eh? Yeah, I'd say you made a good choice!

Just remember to count your blessings first and your money second...(or third...or fourth...)

Anonymous said...

Whatever, if I lost 20k in revenue, and was getting screwed by a company that was stealing my money... I surely would not go on yet another vacation.

DJ, I really like your photography and you are quite the inspiration to most of us, but I think you're letting success get to your head.

Remember, pride comes before the fall.
I'd hate to see you fall.

|| davidjay || said...

Not sure what going on vacation has to do with pride?

Even on vacation I'm still working.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Chris - I read you post before Johnny deleted it and I'm sorry things aren't going well for you but to take it out on me is a bit off.

You pretened to know me and then you judge me based on what you interpret from what you read on my blog.

I will consider and pray about what you said but be sure to keep a perspective on things. You don't know me or what I do with my life or how I live out my faith on a day to day basis so be very careful making judgements about me.