Saturday, December 02, 2006

Early Fong Birthday

Tonight was so much fun! Anything that is sneaky is usually fun for me and tonight was a surprise birthday party for the legend Gary Fong. Missy has been scheming for the past couple of weeks because nobody has ever been able to pull off a surprise party for him but she did it! It takes a special person to be able to lie like she's been doing.

Here are some fun pictures from tonight!

The crew!

Big idiots

Becker and DJ sharing a moment


[b]ecker and Jessica Claire

Brian Kramer
giving his best blue steel

Jennifer and Jason Kiefer

birthday cookie.

DJ and Jessica Claire!

The birthday boy

Amy and Janey were there too but because of strict publishing rights all pictures of them need approval before posting.

ok...gotta sleep now. I have a video of the surprise and some other fun ones too.


Anonymous said...

that PEE pic is HILARIOUS!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...


that is just wrong on so many levels. there are unwritten man laws about the restroom:

1. no talking while hands are on the equipment

2. eyes forward. no eye contact.

3. absolutely, under no circumstances is there to be any flash photography (for safety reasons of course)

|| davidjay || said...

lol - I wonder if there was anyone in the stalls who saw the flash go off

Anonymous said...

You guys have to stop having so much fun without us! We are SOOOO lonely over here :) :)


We miss you!

(Still laughing at Becker and the bathroom.... )

Natalie Joy said...

WOW! Thats hilarious!
You guys really know how to have fun...hehe!
Um. yeah..I think dj is the only one adventurous enough to go into a mens bathroom and take pics.....:) lol
Have an amazing time in first we thought you were going on a vacation all by your self..but thankfully your not..:)
We love you!

Sarah Barlow said...

WOW!!!!! So hilarious!!!
Looks like you're having a little to much fun with that new camera!!

|| davidjay || said...

I have to test the camera in all conditions...haha...

Yea - I need this plane is delayed tough...

Melissa Carl said...

you're delayed!

Michelle Ross said...

It wasn't one of these urinals, was it?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha.. excellent shots!!!
Gary Fong age... 64 or 46?
I hope everybody enjoy the moment.
Happy Hollidays to all my photographic friends!!!

Noel Del Pilar
San Juan, Puerto Rico USA

Anonymous said...

[p] that is hilarious!