Thursday, June 29, 2006

What is our business really selling

I was reading yesterday and thinking about a changing point in my business and wanted to try and look cool with my sunglasses and share it with you. It's interesting because I noticed on our poll that most everyone thought that our Gallery was the most important piece to our websites.

Personally I have a tendency to think that it isn't but I've definitely been wrong about many things so I thought it was cool to see how different people if you wanna see some of my thoughts on this
video - click here!

...and if you missed
these videos of Colon's little boy go and watch them right now! :)


Sarah Barlow said...

Sooo right on!
They'll love the end product even more because their "friend" did it! :)

Jasmine said...

Dj, you reminded me of my college business professors! I'll never forget reading about the CEO of Rolex telling a colleague he was not in the business of telling time, but, rather, in the business of catering to customers' desires for quality amenities.

Shannon said...

How great are you! Loved the video! Glad you are having so much fun! Say hi to the Europeans for me!!
Ciao Amico
A Presto

Dane Sanders said...

Wouldn't you say though DJ that your product (the images) give people a necessary reason to get in the conversation in the first place (maybe not to stay in the conversation after that)? Maybe not. I'd love to hear your thoughts man.

You are missed!

Andrew Barlow said...

DJ, that is totally right on!!! Just sell yourself!! The rest will follow!

And dude, it is all about the accessories!!! lol Keep rockin' the shades!!! haha

JuliAnna fell asleep in my arms watching your video... haha lol

|| davidjay || said...

Yea MJ! I love that quote!

I'll bring some Italian back to AZ for you Shannon :)

Another video coming...I wanted to respond more but too much to say. haha... :)

|| davidjay || said...

oh yea..and Andrew...this is important stuff so you shouldn't let JuliAnna miss it!


amynave said...

That's right janey, it's all about you:)

To cute:)

Loved the video DJ. I made coffee this morning, pulled up your blog and watched the video. It's like watching the news in the morning:)

keep them coming:)

Adam R. Owens said...

I agree you must sell yourself period. However what is the main reason clients are coming to you? the pictures, lets not fool ourselves and think they only book us because we are great people, we must have the product and be a great person. I do feel though if it is between two photogs (the wedding) the client will def. go with the one who they feel they made a better connection with.

Deyl said...

I love it!

btw... you look so EURO in those glasses :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I see how the two are mutually exclusive ... the poll was (I think) about one's website, while the video seemed to pertain to relationships in your business as a whole.

In both instances, I would agree. Users at your website aren't interacting with you directly, so your images better be good enough to generate interest.

In your business as a whole, relationships with customers are of the utmost importance - especially with a service industry such as photography.

Sorry, I just didn't make a direct connection between the poll and the video ... and that leads me to ask DJ: what do you think is most important for a website?

Kevin Sturm said...

Okay, so pretty much everyone that I've seen posting comments on this site is an artist or wedding photographer, so I'm going to give the perspective of a customer, and then ask you a question about your other business.

First, as someone that is married and got married when photo journalism was just starting out, Chrystal and I based our decision pretty much entirely on the photos that we saw. There were not many photo journalists around SB to choose from, and you were just cutting your teeth in wedding photography if I recall. So, I would say your photos are the most important thing on your website when attracting customers that don't know you directly.

Now, with that said the second part of my answer is that the most important part of your business is how you treat your clients and your co-workers. The Golden Rule is one of the best business goals you can have, "Treat others (your customer) how you would want to be treated". It could also be said as a mentor of mine put it, "Do what is best for your customer, for that is truly best for your business."

Now my question to you, your photo business is important obviously. But you also have a software business and a this forum is an AWESOME method for feedback about the ShowIT software package. The poll I want to see is what are the top three features that the photographers posting comments to this blog what to have added to ShowIT Web.

Bottom line DJ, you are wise beyond your years in business. And thanks for telling me about "Love is the Killer App"!

Adam R. Owens said...


|| davidjay || said...

Great post Kevin! Let's definitely do that poll and it's always great to hear from a b&g instead of us photographers!