Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What an awesome week (whoa - and it's only Wednesday!)

My buddy Todd and his wife Elisa and son Kiefer are in town and for those of you who don't know this already Todd is the wizard creating the magic of Showit Web. He's also the rockstar who made my website and who got me into this world of digital media.

Here's the story...on my 18th birthday Todd rolls into my house carring this big box and I'm like "bro - you didn't have to get me anything." ...and I thought it was probably a soccer t-shirt or something because at that time I don't think I had ever spent more than $10 on someones birthday present and so you can imagine my shock when he pulls out the nicest flatbed scanner you could buy. I remember because we had just been looking at it the week before and it was $150! It even had this attachment that could scan negatives! It was unreal! I scanned everything for the next 5 years (including many things that probably shouldn't be scanned) :) but I never forgot the generosity of that present and really the generosity of his whole life!

My website and Showit Web are a continuation of that. When we were finishing up my site I knew that I needed the ability to put up these slideshows for my clients consistently so I asked him to make this program to help me do it and then I told him other photographers need it too so we could sell it and make a little money for all his hard work. He told me just the other day that when I told him that he was thinking - "sure, we'll probably sell 40 or 50"

So he's pretty excited that Showit Web V.1 has almost 700 users in just 6 months. :)

Kiefer is not so interested in Showit Web really enjoys the big candle on my coffee table. lol



amynave said...

Talk about a cutie!!!!!!!!:)

|| davidjay || said...

yea...bummmer Todd is married though

Sarah Barlow said...


Aww he is sooo cute!!;)....the baby!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

What a great story :) Bravo to you guys!

amynave said...

DJ after I posted that I knew you were going to say that:P DORK!!!!!

Kevin Meyers said...

DJ (and Todd since you're probably reading this over his shoulder)...if you think 700 copies of Web v1 was've got another surprise coming with Web v2!

Alison B. said...

Thank you Todd & DJ for the gift of ShowIt. Can't wait for v.2.