Sunday, March 12, 2006

United Miles

Well I just got done shooting my first wedding of the year and it was so much fun! I'll post some pics tomorrow and I'm also amped because I am so close to becoming a Premier Member on United in just over a month!

A month ago when I was flying to Brazil the guy was like, "You should sign up so you can get miles." So I did and in the last month and a half I've racked up almost 25,000 miles! I'm gonna try and fly 100,000 miles this year so I can be in the 1K club but if I don't make that I'll at least be in the Premier Executive club which is cool too.


...and I just read this and it made me feel pretty good too! :) I've never met Jonathan but I think he's a Police Officer in Singapore (oops) :) which is so cool because I wanted to be a Police Officer for so long! I even used to go on "ride-alongs" when I was younger!


Jonathan Ong said...

hi david! i'm from singapore, not china! haha. thanks for the post. i was in disbelief when i read ur post. still in shock actually. i'm a wedding photographer too! well, just started. aspiring one. i'm being mentored by a superb photographer. check out our website.

Anonymous said...


We want to see pictures!!! Glad the wedding went well!

Miss you!


Liana said...

my momma would be proud!! (she used to fly for United ;) )

amynave said...

WOW!!! I know how you LOVE to fly so racking up those miles will be no problem at all:)

Can't wait to design the wedding album:) hehe!!

|| davidjay || said...

I updated the schedule on my website so you can see the slideshow there as well as a slideshow from all the pics from PartnerCon!


Tom Mayer said...

I like to collect miles too :) yeah, I am chuff. he-he