Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sales - Evangelism

So I've been reading more in Creating Customer Evangelists and am loving it! I've also been understanding more and more how important it is for us all to think about things from other peoples perspective. I think it was Zig Ziglar that first said, "the quicker you help other people get what they want - they quicker you'll get what you want." ...and this is especially true in customer evangelism.

"Sales is rooted in what's good for me. Evangelism is rooted in what's good for you." - Guy Kawasaki

...and so in an effort to give all you ladies what you want I found a pic of Mark for you from when we were filming down in Mexico! :) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Liana said...

that's hauuuut! lol

amynave said...

Tooooo funny David Jay:)

Shyla said...

Score!I am totally stealing that quote!
"Sales is rooted in whats good for me. Evangelism is rooted in whats good for other people"
I am writing an Evangelism paper today...uh last's due tomorrow morning...I can write an entire section on that quote!
Thanks DJ!