Sunday, March 26, 2006

Freakin' Hilarious!

So I definitely have incredible friends! ....and I'll post more about the surprise party they threw for me tonight when I get back to Santa Barbara and have pics to show from this amazing night, but while I was at dinner with all of them I started to get all these emails from people who were wanting to buy the new beta Showit Web V2 but so many people were buying it that it crashed the website so they couldn't do it! LOL - That was part of the reason why I tried to limit it to only 50 buyers today but I guess that part of the store doesn't work with "virtual" products because there really isn't a product! Haha!

So when I got back to the car I logged in with my wireless card thingy and saw that it had maxed out the 100 GIGS of bandwidth that I have allotted to that site! WOW! Luckily I have access to 400 GIGS of bandwidth so I just added some more so I'm sorry if you tried to order earlier and couldn't but everything is back up and running and hopefully we won't have another mad rush tomorrow but if we do I'll be around all day so I'll be able to get it fixed.

Thanks for your patience and I'm so stoked that everyone is so excited! This app really is unreal and I saw some killer shows already today and am looking forward to seeing more and more as we all get our minds around the creative possibilities we now have!


Deyl said...

I love it!! you're always pushing the limits :)

Kevin Meyers said...

You crack me up dude! In your car?! Addicted much?!

J@KE said...

what car???

Did you say a new version of show-it web?

I'm totally gitting it, thanks DJ!