Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't Miss Out!

I'm so excited because the sale that I offered in my newsletter was the biggest sale ever and it has already saved photographers almost $3,000 in just 2 days! I've seriously been so stoked the last couple of days because I've been getting so many emails just like this one from Chris Uglanica who's an awesome photographer up in Canada.

Here's one of his shots that I love! He has a super cool style and it's hearing this sort of stuff that really motivates me and I jammed on emails today and I got back to exactly 71 of you so I'm pretty much caught up and I'll try and get to the last 50 tomorrow...and I just got an email that 40 new people just signed up for the newsletter which is encouraging too!

...and the point of this late night post was actually just to remind everyone that the sale does end today so if you're wanting to get this stuff for the insane low price that I offered in my email be sure to jump on it before midnight...and thanks again to everyone who emailed. I love hearing from and I'm so excited to get to meet lots of you this year!

My best!


Anonymous said...

Why does everyone always thank DJ for what he's doing for us? Come on guys....

Oh wait, we thank him because he ROCKS!!! :)


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Aww..Chris...youre so cool!

And DJ, you too of course :) :)