Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fotografos De Corazon

Hey Everyone!

I was invited to be part of the Luminarias Speaker Series which is put on by a wonderful group in LA/OC called the Fotografos de Corazon and since it's a spanish speaking group I'll be doing the entire presentation in spanish. It will last about 25 seconds. lol...just kidding. It will be in English and it's an all day gig so check it out.

I'm only doing a handful of speaking gigs this year and half of them are outside the U.S. so get to this one if you're around. It's cheap. They are only charging $45! It's next Sunday.



Juan L. Gonzalez said...

"Adios", your Spanish vocabulary is growing mucho lol.

You are too cool David!

Your Mariachi shirt is waiting for you! I can't wait.

Ginger Murray said...


Regina White said...

Bueno Bueno thens eres super inteligente y talentoso. TĂș eres el mejor amigo.

I'm Kristen said...

Have fun with that :D

Frank Wisneski said...

Looking forward to the event on 7/26!

Christina said...

Uy, pero dale! Yo viajaria hasta Cali para escucharte presentar en espanol! :)