Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Death of Blogs

As you can see I've been "blogging" a lot more but just not in the same old way that I used to. I've felt for the past year that the traditional type of blog was dying despite so many people just now hopping on the band wagon. Jasmine likes to fight me on this :) ... and she has by far the most successful blog in our industry so it's easy for people to say "it's working for her so I'm gonna do it" when I think it's better said "it WORKED for her" back when blogs were the best tool for the job.

So I'll clarify a bit .... As always keeping in touch and creating conversations with a large group of people is SUPER important! Yes! Keep doing that!


Do it effectively and as technology changes use the technology that is best for what you're trying to create! Blogs, as a conversation starter are not the best tool anymore. I believe that Facebook and Twitter easily trump blogs so whatever you do don't waste your money on some "custom" blog. If you want to customize it a bit with a flash header and cool graphics you can do that for free with Showit but get going on Twitter and Facebook b/c that is a much better place to get conversations going!

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Rock on,