Friday, July 17, 2009

Barnaby Aldrick

Checkout Barnaby Aldrick! I like this guy! He just made a fun video for his blog and a super nice post about Becker, Jess and a bunch of other stellar photographers. Very cool.

I'm probably gonna head out to London next month for the U2 show and possibly a small workshop/conference and I hope to meet him.


Barnaby Aldrick said...

Mate - You're too kind! Cheers for the post. It'd be great to meet while you're this side of the pond squire!

I'm sure a few tog pals up my way (Leeds) would be game for some caffeine with you somewhere. I'm seeing U2 myself up in Sheffield on 20th August. The 360 show's looks like it's gonna be sweet!

Cheers, B

Ginger Murray said...

Hey Barnaby! You're a cool dude.

DJ, I can't believe you're going to see a U2 show.... awesome!!! That will be an amazing time, no doubt.

Chris Williams said...

U2 in Dublin for me! Already here.