Sunday, May 31, 2009


Parents, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

My folks went on a cleaning and fixing spree today! - I'm not
complaining. :) my pops is teaching me how to fix the leaky
faucet. We need some more parts so if you use this bathroom only the
hot water works. :)


Katherine Bowman said...

Dad's are great!

Shyla said...

Deej, after your dad teaches you how to fix the faucet will you come to Boston and fix mine? Its drip-tastic and Boston needs a little DJ lovin' anyway ;)


Ginger Murray said...

My parents come over and clean sometimes. I never complain! It's always nice to have the extra help:)

~ crystal ~ said...

Did you show them how to work the shower in the apartment? ;)

Pastor Phil said...

Did you get the parts for that sink yet?