Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yea Gustavo!

My man Gustavo found me in SF and won $500 free Showit Bucks! Checkout this video! He says he's gonna join the ranks of the Showit Sites users with his gift! We just launched Showit Sites a month ago and already have 139 subscribers not including the Lifers so we know we're on to something and I'm gonna be on OSP tomorrow answering questions in this thread!

We had to delay the video for Salt Lake but if you're watching the Olympics you might be able to guess where it is. ;)

Salt Lake is so great and I really enjoyed meeting everyone there! It's a beautiful city and when we went to the mall we saw a huge group of kids playing in this fountain that is set to music and it was like something you'd see in a movie! Is that something that happens all the time? :)


Brittney Hale said...

The fountains are great huh?! Ive even seen brides and grooms all decked out in wedding attire doing pics- pretty cool. Get the slc video postd alreay- ive got my kids on standby ready to make the long trek to salt lake. Who are we looking for???

Karen said...

Attended the S.F. show, it was great thank you for all the great info. Just wondering how we find out who won all the cool stuff you were offering???Win free stuff!
Showit Web
Lightroom 2.0
Showit Sites
Couture Books
Just curious!

.Alli.son. said...

Yea Gustavo!!!

.Alli.son. said...

Oops. Did not mean to repeat the title there. =D