Friday, August 08, 2008

The J* is found

Yea! My man Troy Grover was the first one on the scene and found our mini J* and won $500 in Showit ki$ash. Sweeeeeet! He made this great video of his adventure!

We just finished the Santa Barbara show and wow! It's great to be home. It's 2:42am and after doing 7 shows in 10 days I'm amped up but definitely ready for a few days off! Phewwww. We're gonna spend tomorrow resting (or at least I am) Jasmine is shooting a wedding! She's gnarly tough and I'm old "ancient" so I need to recoup.

Tonight after the presentation everyone cruised up to my place for a good old Freedom House party! Yea!


Kelli Nicole said...

Sweet party DJ! Well, sweet party Shyla :). So great to meet all of you!

The Photegé said...

Just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU! Santa Barbara was gorgeous and the show ROCKED! You are truly inspiring. I left with a ton of GREAT information... I feel so much richer in knowledge and insight! Good luck with the rest of the tour... :) (I'm taking your first challenge and leaving comments instead of just lurking...;)) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

YAY TROY!!! good job friend. that video is awesome.hahaha.

Cathy and David Photography said...

Looking forward to your show in Indianapolis! :)

Dave T. said...

Great show DJ -

This offered everything I hoped for & more.
...and what treat to see your shack..

Daniel J. Watkins said...

The next J* will be buried under a big Santa Rosita State Park...just watch out for the bulls...lousy stinkin' bulls are everywhere!