Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kansas City was Rockin!

Just under 100 people showed up for the Free To Succeed Tour in Kansas City and what an awesome crew! I was really sore that day from the vicious table tennis match the night before but the night still rocked!

Checkout some of the latest blog posts about it!

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Click here to see what Jill Fleming wrote!

Click here to read what Lindsey wrote! ... and I stole all these pictures from her blog.


wrkrB said...

Pretty sure that a couple of those blogs and all of those pictures are from Denver. I realize that was probably a pretty dull stop for you...

Anonymous said...

I'm not from Denver! :)
Thanks for the link. The Kansas City event was really awesome -- thanks so much for visiting our city and sharing some much needed insight with us! It was truly such a blessing to me and my business! Thanks!!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Kansas or Missouri??

Chad_Oglesbay said...

It was in Overland Park, KS (suburb of KC). I agree with Erica. The event was awesome and I really enjoyed that it was less than 100 people for it made it very personable and fun. Thanks for all that you do David!

Dawn Gioia Photography said...

David- It was so great to meet you, but we were in Denver. I learned so much! Any photographer who does not go to this is crazy.

Check out my blog, there is a great picture of your kissing Becker!

~amy~ said...

Hey! I am sooo sad. I missed the tour in Chi-town tonight. My little guy had his very first day of kindergarten today so I couldn't be there. Booked it without thinking ;) I hope that you def. do this again so I can make it sometime! Good luck with the rest of the tour

You rock!
Amy Richmond

Ginger Murray said...

You and Jasmine said SO many amazing and inspiring things. It was so worth the trip, and it was so wonderful to see you again.

Claire Ryser said...

lol! DJ, you are a crazy busy traveler so I will forgive you for posting photos of DENVER not KC. lol!

THANKS SO MUCH for your powerfully inspiring pep talk you gave us in KC!
You and Jas rocked the house like whoa!

|| davidjay || said...

haha...I didn't have any pictures from KC yet... I only get what people send me :)

Kristin Joy said...

It was awesome getting to meet you and the crew!!! You rock! Enough said...the end!