Saturday, August 02, 2008

Free to Succeed Tour Santa Barbara

If you are planning on attending the show in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara you have 48 hours to signup and then we are going to close the registration.

Rock on!


Ramie Babcock said...

Hey David! On the website, it says we could win free stuff like a Shootsac, a website, do we wing free stuff? How can I sign up for that!? I LOVED the tour! The Houston show ROCKED!! Hope you had a good time in H-town (h=Houston town, not HOT town....I know what you were thinking!)

|| davidjay || said...

We're gonna do an email giveaway next week b/c we didn't have our prizes at the first couple of stops. :)

Ramie Babcock said...

Awesome! You guys ROCK! I just love you both.... MUAH!!