Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brett got KISSED!

The wonderful Brittney tracked down Brett who had fallen down in the fountain and nearly drowned but through a little magical kiss he has been revived!

...and I've gotta point out that the video earlier mentioned that Brett is athletic and he is very athletic but he totally wasted his athleticism playing baseball! Can you believe that! Baseball is a game (like Chess) and my buddy Todd told me today that he used to video baseball games for his brother and the whole FOUR HOUR GAME could always be condensed in less than 2 minutes of action! LOL! Wow!

Soccer rules!


amee sorensen said...

Congrats Brittney!! You beat me to him! Hope your husband doesn't get too jealous! :)
Thanks David again for all of your insight and thanks for sharing your passion about photography and life! It was really great to meet you and learn from you! Take care and rock on!! ;)

Kimberlee West said...

Yeah - soccer is the best sport in the universe!