Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Boston

Beautiful Boston, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Tonights group in Boston was amazing! It was a rush getting out of NY
so I'll post about that later but I really can't say enough about
tonight. It's 11:40 and are just sitting down for dinner!


Tony said...

Looks gorgeous! Glad you had a good time and everything was perfect. Can't wait to hear about it all later.

Enjoy Dinner.

Wayne Yuan said...

It was good meeting you in NYC, DJ! You guys need a teleportation device for the amount of traveling you guys do.


kjeldm said...

awesome show! david jay, jasmine and becker for 99 bucks! insane! i'm going thru my notes right now!


Jake said...

hey DJ!

I couldnt thank you and jasmine enough for everything today! Amazing seminar, you guys really did a great job.


Welcome said...

Thanks for doing the Tour. Its Just the thing we all need to grow

Fed said...

I hope you enjoyed it up top The Pru. We told Shyla that it would be a great night to see the whole city from a top there, plus a little relaxing but not sure if it was to stuffy for the Cali crew ;)

Thanks for coming out, you did great! and we are so glad Jasmine got to make it all the way out to Boston, she touched a lot of people in that crew.

The Feds
(James + Kate)

Ron St.Jean said...

Thanks to you and Jasmine for bringing your boundless energy to Boston! Some of us older folks can learn so much from you young upstarts!

Jayson said...

Hey DJ,

Great job last night, thanks for all the great advice over the years. I put up some pictures from last nights show on my blog.


hike photography said...

I wish my college professors had been as good at speaking and presenting as you are! That seminar rocked! Very entertaining, insightful, and helpful. Thank you so much!
-Kelly Hike

erica said...

It was rockin last night. Awesome information. Awesome people. Anyone reading this that is thinking about catching the tour, DO IT!!!

Anne said...

DJ- you do such a good job of making your point simple and easy to understand. Jasmine- you're such an inspiration with all that determined ghetto fabulousness. Kenny & Regis were rockin out the sidelines shots. Great job everyone!!! Boston misses Shyla and can't wait for her to come back HOME! ;-)