Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wonderful Group at PPO

The PPA group here in Oregon was beyond incredible! I really can't say enough about them and how honored I was to get to spend the day here and I know that sounds cheesy but I am dead serious and I am so thankful to have met these photographers.

I also wanted to update everyone on the Free to Succeed Tour. We launched it one week ago and have 858 signups so this is gonna be a rocking time in every city!

SF is leading the charge with 78 which I'm stoked about b/c I think a lot the Adobe folks will be at that one so I'm glad they won't be in an empty room!



Larry Chen, Ph(oto).D(ude). said...

You too DJ, it was awesome meeting you in person. Thanks for all that you shared with us. Very inspiring indeed. And front row seat too, how cool is that. I'm shooting my first wedding in Sept and I'm totally pumped!

DJ was the last speaker of the conference and he had just flown in last night. This morning I went to load some luggage in the car cuz we had to check out today, and there he was, coming down the stairs of the next building. And I was like, "DJ!"

DJ, hope I didn't scare you!!

We almost ran out of gas in the middle of the forest on the way home. PTL we found a gas station... safely home now.



Amanda said...

so... some of us excited tour-goers are wondering when we'll know the specific locations so we can book hotel rooms? Any clues?

Looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

|| davidjay || said...

Great meeting you Larry and I'm glad you made it home safe! :)

Amanda! Stoked to see you on the tour and the times will be 6-10pm with a possible tailgate party beforehand for the cities with 80+ people.

The Locations are not set but will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Rock on,

Holly said...

Thanks for a great day, DJ. I was lucky enough to sit in the front by Larry, and now I''m one of the cool people at the workshop. I agree that the PPO group was awesome! I drove all the way from Iowa to attend this conference.
DJ, you gave me a lot of courage to get out there and "just do it"! AT my age (???) I need to get out there and get going!
I think you have great ideas and am so glad at how willing you are to share everything! I hope to have some fun with this second career, and try to borrow a little of your energy!
Thanks for a great program! Hope I can make it to Kansas City! Have a great tour!


Lifeprints said...

Hey DJ! I am so excited about Orlando!!! If anyone who is reading this wants to go to Orlando, but hasn't signed up, SIGN UP TODAY!!! We want a tailgate party! HOLLA!

Seriously, I am so looking forward to this! Thanks for planning it!

:) Shandon

cu4photos said...

Yeah, right DJ, like there's a chance there would be an empty room for a speaking engagement with you and JS...you crack me up!

Sara Lil said...


I LOVED your presentation on Tuesday! It was very inspiring and educational. I thanked you in person but I wanted to say it again -- thanks for coming to Oregon to share your knowledge with us! Not only are you a great photographer and business person but you are also so very kind, open, and friendly. Thank you for being you!


terri said...

hey shandon
i will be in orlando as well...... come on everybody ....please sign up for orlando !!!! and if we get over 80 people - maybe it would help to get jasmine* here as well !!!!! go orlando !!!!
terri z

Lynn-Kai Chao said...

good thing the sf one is turning out so well cuz imma be there!!!!! wooohooo! keep up the work DJ!!!

Jen said...

HEY! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for coming to Bend!!!! I LOVED listening to you! You were VERY inspirational and FUNNY! What I loved (and valued) most is that you are not Affraid to be yourself~
Thanks DJ! Jen Lewis
BTW there is a really bad picture of us on my Blog! LOL

Justin said...

Hey David! We had a great time at PPO and totally enjoyed your presentation (even though you cut us out of the picture, DUDE!) :-) We have two weddings this weekend and are going to try out the slideshow at the reception idea for both. We bought your slideshow software today too and plan on implementing it for our wedding and engagement couples right away. Thanks for so many great ideas. :-) Hope to see you again soon!

Michelle & Justin

(Artistique Photographie)

Adrian Klein said...

Hey DJ, thanks for the great presentation to the PPO group. You had some great things to say and got me to really think about how I need to go about working in today's changing market. I must work with the change that is the reality. Have a great tour!

Melissa w/ Soul Mates Photography said...

Hey DJ. Thanks so much for coming to Bend! I'm so glad you got to speak the ENTIRE day! I had a great time just soaking in the info. I appericate your open approach to the photography industry. I hope I too can pass along info when I'm rich and famous from my mad photo skills!

Hope our paths will cross again!