Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Multipurpose, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

So I'm in Oregon getting ready to speak and it's a bit cold and dry up
here so after my shower I went to put on some face lotion and didn't
have any...and this hotel didn't have any either-crap!

I didn't want to get on stage with my face peeling off so I found out
that if you're in a pinch hair product can also be used as face lotion
and it works pretty well!

Rock on!


Unknown said...

I forgot to warn you ... it's very dry here ... maybe I'll start putting pomade on my chapped lips.

Amanda said...

that is so wrong. I can't believe you would even think to try that. But still... good to know, I suppose.

.Alli.son. said...

hahaha! i'm proud of you for making the effort!

John Bach said...

Can you update us in few days to let us know how bad the pimples are?

tj cameron said...

LOL... i can't believe you put that on your face. sorry i missed you in Bend.

Nicole E Wolf said...