Monday, June 16, 2008

Bobby and Lindsay!

I freaking love my new friends Bobby and Lindsay Earle! I just met them a month ago in San Diego and I have been trying to get them to come visit SB ever since...but they're too busy traveling the world! ;P

They just got done shooting a wedding in France which you can see on their blog and I love following their adventures!

Lindsay just put in her two week notice so that is awesome and I'm so excited to see where they go next!

Rock on you guys!


Samantha F. said...

Awww. So cute. ^_^

Bobby Earle said...

You're awesome!! Everything that Bobby said in his blog is true for me as well. Your friendship already means so much to us! God bless-
lindsay earle

Lifeprints said...

Just went to their blog. What an adorable couple! I have no doubt that you have touched them with your generosity and sweetness! Y'all are blessed to know eachother! :) Shandon

Bobby Earle said...

Seriously DJ, you're the freaking best ;) I swear we'll get up there soon!


Karelle Photography said...

Just a comment about the tour: where are the times for the different dates? Some people are trying to figure out if it's during the day or evening and they can't find the times.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Karelle :) It's in the evening. 6-10pm - sorry about that. Forgot to post those up. :)

Scott Robert Lim said...

I just went to their blog, awesome photographers and they seem like an amazing couple!

Dude, that is so cool you linked my friend Lynn-Kai- He's a rockstar now!!! He's going to three of my workshops this year! If we hook one up in SB, he'll be there too! hahaha. Hey, I left a reply back to your message on Xanga, sounds so awesome, I actually was going to contact you about that!!

.Alli.son. said...

Bobby & Lindsay, I can't wait to hang out with you guys!! Come visit soon! =) Allie