Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mark you Calendars

Freedom Party!

Next Friday January 25th from 6-10pm come hang at the Freedom House!

Freedom and Slumber starts that night so there will be photographers from all over the country here!

Post up your email or send crystal (@) an email to get put on the evite list!


Michael + Anna Costa said...

We are SO there! Fun!!


Rodolfo Arpia said...

Would love to be there:
rarpia (@)


|| davidjay || said...

Sweet! Evite just went out to a few people - feel FREE to add more. :)

You guys are both on there so it should come through soon.

Rock on!

cu4photos said...

I'd love an evite!!!

Thanks, Cindy

Megan said...

Is Deyl providing the entertainment?

Hey, it was better than a tax joke...

|| davidjay || said...

Deyl is always entertainment :)

Cait said...

Wow... looks amazing. I wish I could come! I hate I am missing it. However, my mother says that since I am only 16 and we live in North Carolina (and I haven't found a local photographer to work with=no money), I will be missing this one. How about scholarships for students? LOL. I will be there next time... DJ, please keep doing these... I want to be at one!


Deyl said...

work on you spelling and grammer