Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in Action

Hey Everyone - sorry OSP went down but it's back rocking! :)

In my (completely unbiased) opinion OpenSourcePhoto is THE BEST community available to photographers for several reasons:

1. IT'S FREE - OSP has always been 100% FREE and doesn't have advertisements! There is no other place like this!

2. Super active - With over 6300 members and hundreds of people online all the time there is always someone around to help or simply listen.

3. Full of LOVECATS - OSP welcomes newcomers of ALL levels and everyone shares knowledge, their networks, and compassion with each other!

All this being said OSP does cost a lot of money to host and it takes a lot of time just to maintain it. Matt Antonino has been a huge help over the years as well as my team of programmers.

OpenPhotoContest - we got some of the bugs in voting (and display) worked out and don't worry the bugs don't affect the rating system which is an incredibly complicated algorithm. The contests are cruising and another added value to OpenPhotoContest is that you have the ability to see which of your photos people liked the most.

So if you're looking for people's opinion on what image to use for an advertisement or which images to put on your website you can submit them to a contest and get 1000's of people's input as to what your best images are! So keep rocking and I just added a new contest about Grooms so if you have cool groom shots you can start submitting them today...and look for some more contests popping up in the next day or two.


cu4photos said...

Love the contest!! Of course OSP is the BEST!....


theshotshot. said...

hey dj....

first, i'm addicted. second, do you have any idea what the top number will end up being in a given competition? or what's currently the highest rating for "stellar brides"?

i'm dying to know how we're fairing and that will be a cool gauge.

is that a fair question?

Gerald said...

Looks like the Beta contest was won with a score of 91.31. I would assume that if you are close to that, then you are doing quite well. Although, there is no real way to tell until they show the results. Showing the current highest rating would be pretty cool... It's definitely going to be hard to wait!

Gerald said...

Hey DJ,
I was trying to submit a photo in the Open photo contest, and it seems to have cut off submissions a little before the deadline. Any chance I can still get it in?