Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm back!

I just made it back to SB and I am soooo amped to be here! This week I'm gonna be getting lots of stuff ready for the Freedom and Slumber event later this month! Woohooo!

Also, don't forget today is the deadline to save big money on joining OPC and it's also the deadline for submitting work in this first round of contests so get your work in fast. Voting will start in a day or two. We need to go in and verify the photos and then release it for voting. I think there are almost 1000 photos currently uploaded so this is gonna be so fun!

Rock on!


Michael + Anna Costa said...
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Michael + Anna Costa said...

Welcome Home! Santa Barbara is a sweet sight, isn't it?!

theshotshot. said...


i'll have you know - i was so excited about this contest, that i woke up at 1am friday morning (the 11th) when the voting was SUPPOOOOOOOSED to start, and kept checking without falling back asleep. here it is 12:17am saturday morning and i'm doing the same thing.

you're killin me here.

theshotshot. said...'re couple-shoot rocked, dude.

that trip had to absolutely rule.

Deyl said...

let's hang!