Saturday, January 12, 2008

Imaging USA

Earlier this week I was at the PPA tradeshow - Imaging USA - in Tampa and I did something I hadn't done before and that was I crammed everything I needed to do into a 4 hour time slot. First I had my platform presentation, then a meeting with folks from Germany where I'll be headed in March to do a gig for a group there and then a meeting with Al Hopper and Joan Sherwood from the PPA organization and Professional Photographer Magazine b/c we're teaming up on a really cool new way to share knowledge in the wedding industry. Stay tuned!

I was speaking at 7am in the biggest room I've ever seen in my life! My friend Liana Lehman warned me about how big the rooms are but I had no idea.

I think they held just under 1000 people and during the presentation the spot lights were on so I couldn't really see how many people where there but judging by this photo that Allie snapped it looks like it was pretty full so that totally stokes me out!

I got to meet some absolutely wonderful people and one of my favorites was my new friend Cindy who Allie and I met at the coffee shop at 6am before my speech. She recognized us and said "I love you guys" and then bought us breakfast! It was the nicest thing ever and we both are still talking about how much that meant to us so thank you Cindy. You are such a sweet soul and I hope we cross paths again!


Corneli said...

Germany? cool. I want to go and see you! I live in The Netherlands. (30 min away from germany!)

what are you doing in germany?

mac said...

Hi DJ,

I am living in germany (Duesseldorf), and when you are here in March it would be great to see you, whatever you did here.
I know, you don't know me, but I read your blog every day (and Deyls and Paiges) and so it feels, like I know you. Your photos are great.

greetings from germany,
Markus :-)

Ginger Murray said...

That IS a huge room!

Sometimes bright lights are helpful since you can't see how many people there are... it feels a little less intimidating!

|| davidjay || said...

Oh Awesome - I'll post more about the Germany event in a few days :)

Ryan Christensen said...

Glad to see you made it back from Imaging USA in one piece... isn't it time for you to take a day off from work and traveling and just veg?

Wish I could have been there to see your presentation... oh well, maybe one of these days I will get to meet the master!

Deyl said...

you still have island hair! lol

cu4photos said...

DJ, it was an honor meeting you and Allie. Thanks for all you do to help us wanna-be's.


Tiffiney Photography said...

enjoyed your presen. at ppa. my mom went with me...and she said it was the best she saw all week. good job! thanks for giving.

Amy Zellmer said...

Your program at Imaging was fantastic!! You could tell you were still on 5a.m. time for about the first 15 minutes and then you just totally came alive! Great information, and you have a great presentation style!!