Sunday, September 02, 2007

Read a Book

Instead of doing your typical routine. Read a book today...and pick a book that will help you develop into somebody who can help others. (that means if Fabio is on the cover you need to save it for another day)

Below are links to my two booklists and by the end of the year I'll have another list to put up. I talk to so many people and so often their problems could be solved if they'd just invest some time in reading these books.

If you're looking for a great one to start with choose Love Is the Killer App. by Tim Sanders. I was given this book a couple of years ago by my friend Dane Sanders at a pivotal time in my career and embracing the ideas of giving and sharing knowledge is one of best things you can do for yourself and for others.

I'm living proof that even in "a saturated market" these principles work and if you want to be a leader you'll need to live in abundance.

Booklist One
Booklist Two

Read Read Read,


000 said...

as a visual person david, i thought you were above clip-art.

Anonymous said...

The bible is a must every day! I read rich dad poor dad. Good book. Have you read any other of his books?

I think I would like 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

kennykimdotcom said...

Hey DJ, thanks for the list. I've read a few of them ones you mentioned on the list and I must agree that these are great recommendations. I am currently reading the 22 irrefutable laws of leadership and How to Win Friends and influence People right now. Rock on!

Jenifer Sellon said...

Great timing! I am in the middle of Tim Sanders "The Likeability Factor" and forced myself to put down my computer to finish it.

I've read a few of those on your list and they are great. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

"Oh, The Places You Will Go" is a great inspirational book...and "The Sneetches" will teach you everything you need to know about marketing. ;) There is much wisdom in Seuss.

(No, I'm not joking.)

Marie Moyers said...

Great List Thanks!
I would like to suggest 2 other awesome books:

1) Simple Steps To Impossible Dreams-Steven K. Scott

He covers:

* Overcoming a fear of failure
* Turning critics from foes into friends
* Gaining a clear and precise vision
* Recruiting the partners and mentors of your dreams
* Communicating effectively and persuasively
* Taking control of your life one minute at a time
* Igniting the fuel of passion

2) Acres of Diamonds - Russell H Conwell

Acres of Diamonds will challenge you to seek opportunities to find the true wealth right in your won backyard without getting sidetracked by selfishness and greed.

Please check them out.
check it out

Marie Moyers said...

Thanks for the book list.

I would like to bring your attention to 2 other awesome books.

1) Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams - Steven K. Scott

He covers:
* Overcoming fear of failure
* Turning critics from foes into friends
* Gaining a clear and precise vision
* Recruiting the partners and mentors of your dreams
* Communicating effectively and persuasively
* Taking control of your life one minute at a time
* Igniting the fuel of passion

2) Acres of Diamonds -Russell H. Conwell

Acres of Diamonds will challenge you to seek opportunities to find true wealth right in your won backyard without betting sidetracked by selfishness and greed.

I hope you find these sufficient enough to add to your list.

Unknown said...

I like that you put the Bible first. Everything we need to be succesful is right there. and Proverbs has everything you need to know about beging succesful in your life and business. I am not where I will be next year this time. I am growing and learning I belive God will give me more when he sees I can handle what he has allready given me. So please read Proverds first it has 31 Chapters just as allmost every month has 31 days in it.

Anne said...

Great set of books. Most of my "reading" is done in the car with audiobooks which is a great way to make use of your travel time if your eyes are busy but your ears are free. I usually "preview" books from the library first and then if I really want to keep them for reference, I buy them... it's a great way to save money, space, and natural resources. ;-)

SamTheMan said...

Thanks DJ, this is a great post my man! And, your book lists are great and the presentation is excellent. Have a great day!

Jon said...

I would highly recommend Tim Ferris' book the 4 Hour Work Week - very interesting!

Amanda Harris said...

Just started it last night - will probably finish it tonight (I cut myself off at 1 last night!)

Krystal Mann :: Mint & Sage said...

so it's not on your list (yet) but I'm reading Talent is Never Enough by John Maxwell and so far, it's awesome. The only problem is that I have to take this one super slow because it really is thought provoking and I need time to take it all in and figure out how to apply it all. Thanks for the lists, I'm adding to what I don't already have in the library. : )

Julie said...

Thanks for the lists, I've been on a book binge lately! I posted on OSP about a couple I'd recommend, "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield and "Secrets of Six-Figure Women" by Barbara Stanny (obviously catering more toward the ladies). "Love Is The Killer App" was already on my list, but I'm always adding, so I'm sure I'll be checking out some more on your list!

I'm Kristen said...

First, fabulous post. Reading truly is excellent.

Second, could you have found a worse clip-art picture of a book? hahaha

Kevin Sturm said...

DJ - Great list. There are a few I'd like to add to the list.

1. Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. This is a great book about marketing and selling a new product.

2. Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey Moore. This is the follow-up to #1 for when your product takes off and how to take it beyond the early adopter.

3. The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs (yes...I only read books by people name Jeffrey). Will change your world perspective.

4. In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen. The big thought of the book is the pursuit of irrelevance. A great book to keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I love it! I want some more of it! Spam me baby!

Anyways, I started a Woman owned busines book club and here's my last post to them. It will help you knock out three books. Not all of us are dumb enough to read a book cover to cover when you can get it in two links and two chapters (kidding David).

Hey all!

I think I’ve devised a book study that includes up to three books that teach you how your customers are your marketing these days.

1.)I picked up the Anatomy of a Buzz and it reads the slowest of all three books I have suggested.

2.)But you can read just the 1st 8 chapters of Creating Customer Evangelists really quickly, and even pull them from here:

3.)Read these and chapters 6 and 7 of the actual book Citizen Marketers, and you should get the gist of this book: and this:
Does anyone have a laptop that we could use to connect to the internet with? I think it would be fun to look at the schemes talked about in chapter 6 of this book together…

And if these are as helpful to you as they seem to be to me, you may just also scheme up your next low cost marketing plan.

Also, these really show you how business has turned into being all about not pissing your customers off and treating them to products and services they find so good that they go out and talk about.

Kenny Kim!!!! I see your name! I saw your face at WPPI. I guess I'm gonna start stalking open source more. Did I tell you I'm a 1% er? Ha.

Unknown said...

DJ's must-read list is never a let-down. The latest recommendation that I've followed up on is the 4-hour workweek and every time I read it, I want to thank DJ for recommending it to us. Now I have to apply it! Thanks DJ!!!

Unknown said...

DJ-thank you for the lists. I just started reading "Love Is The Killer App" yesterday and it's already changing me. Thank you the generosity you are always displaying in the photography community. It really, really helps us newbies, and makes so much difference.