Thursday, September 06, 2007

Colorado Photographers

My buddy Josh is shooting a wedding in CO this weekend. The groom is a former Westmont soccer player so you KNOW the guy is a stud! :)

Anyway, if you wanna shoot with Josh hit him up here ASAP. I'm off to Boston on Saturday otherwise I would've come out and shoot it b/c it's gonna be a gorgeous wedding with a gorgeous couple.

Rock on!


kennykimdotcom said...

i would love to but I'm in wisconsin for a wedding. have a great time in boston!

Tunji Sarumi said...

How come soccer players especially college soccer players are called studs??? hmmn

I am a soccer player myself and I can also called a stud.

Unknown said...

I assume you're coming here (Boston) to shoot a wedding, but if you're coming for fun and want someone to show you around and bug you with photo questions, I'd love to drag you to some of my favorite photo spots in the city.

Josh Newton said...

seriously you rock SO much DJ!! i got like 10 responses today amazing!! and i finally got someone, so SWEET! i'm sad that you can't make it, you'd be havin a lot of fun with all the soccer guys here =P but yeah, a guy and a videographer are flying in tomorrow for the wedding, its going to be awesome!! i can't thank you enough =)