Sunday, September 09, 2007


Yesterday Joe Dunn came to pick me up and on our way to dinner we came across this funny dude from Australia who was such an awesome street performer!

He juggled knives and even squeezed his body through a tennis racket and a toilet seat! We ate at Cheers and then drove by the "real" Cheers location from the TV show.

I always unplug my phone at these conventions because hotel phones ring so loud and they scare me...and it's usually somebody asking questions about Showit Web or "What lens would you use in this situation..." or something and I tell them to checkout OSP. :) I love to meet with and talk to people but if I'm going to talk to somebody one on one I like it to be about things a little more meaningful than that. I do understand that there are few things in life more meaningful than Showit Web so maybe I shouldn't unplug my phone. I dunno.

Jeff and Julia Woods are coming tomorrow and I'm really excited about seeing them! They are incredible photographers and great people and they are speaking all day on Tuesday.


Jim Cook said...

Hey DJ, what lens did you use on that picture?

kennykimdotcom said...

don't forget to visit the Sam Adams Brewing Factory tour!