Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Portland - very cool!

Ok so Portland is super cool! (Oregon video) WOW! If it wasn't like -30 degrees I would totally visit here a lot. I've had such a blast hanging out with Kevin Meyers and one of my old soccer buddies Chasen and his wife Lisa and my old assistant Lindsay who is way cuter than Tim and two of her friends Courtney and Jen who are super awesome girls but I don't have a picture...sorry.

Anyway...before dinner tonight we stopped into the sweetest store ever and I am totally gonna order like every bit of furniture from this place! It's called West Elm so check it out!

....and it was so funny because at dinner everyone kept asking me when my flight was and I never know that kinda stuff so I was trying to look it up on my phone but couldn't find it so I just checked and it's at 1:45pm today...ahhhh....I guess I missed it by 10 hours or so.... Good thing Alaska Air is super cool and didn't give me a hassle or anything. I love Alaska Air/Horizon Air. The first time I flew them was to Alaska (weird I know) and they are always so nice and you can usually upgrade to 1st class for only $100.

Ok...BTW did everyone get the podcast link to the videos! Click here and sign up so you can automatically get all the latest videos! It's so easy! I'm not sure if these videos will work on the iPod video but for some reason iTunes podcast thingy won't pickup the videos compressed for the iPod - weird...anyway... goodnight.


Kevin Meyers said...

Sounds wierd to say it, but I'm sure we're all glad you forgot about your flight! :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant video.

You're obviously in the wrong business :)