Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chris and Katie

I got to shoot with Kristin Shaparenko, Kim Fisher and it was my last wedding with Tim which is kinda sad but Chris and Katie absolutely shined and God was definitely present and blessing everyone who was there! Chris and Katie both come from amazing families and it was an honor for me to spend the last couple of days with them.

Last night at the rehearsal I was talking with Chris's dad, George, and he started to get kinda choked up and I could just see how proud he was of his son...and what's really cool is that I believe he hasn't seen anything yet! Chris worked with me for a little while and then started Chris Humphreys Photography and he has been skyrocketing ever since! His best years are ahead of him and it's gonna be a blast to watch!

See the slideshow here!

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Dane Sanders said...

DJ, you are a class act ... the images were awesome but what really GOT ME was when Chris' logo popped up at the end ... you're so about others and it shows in everything you do. What a stud!