Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas from two of OSP's finest!

I just had to post this because these girls are so awesome!!! Liana Lehman and Jessica Claire are two AMAZING wedding photographers...and I don't want to get off track here so I will understate their looks by only mentioning how gorgeous they are once in this post.

So we had a Christmas gift exchance on OSP and my AZ buddy Jefferson Todd, also a stellar wedding photographer (and strapping young chap) made this stellar gift and sent it out to Liana... it's really not a "gag" gift by any means and I can understand why the girls are fighting for it in the picture! j/k ... they were just being champs! Thanks girls!



Liana said...


Awww. Aren't we just sweet-as-pecan-pie when we wear DJ-ts?? Thank you for not posting the Jacuzzi pics!!! lol. I'm thinking up my ll tankini you might get to sport and fight Tim over!!!

Tim Halberg said...

Shoot... DJ knows Kung Fu, that'd be a hard fight for this boy to win.

|| davidjay || said...

I actually studied Ninjitsu not Kung Fu :)

....and a free version of Showit Web goes out to the one who takes on Christopher's challenge!


Liana said...

Hey now!! I've got LOTS of horrible pics... do I get ShowIt Web free???

Oh wait, I already have it. Darn.

My Jujitsu can take your Ninjitsu any day!! :P

|| davidjay || said...

Post up the pics and we'll be the judge...

Jujitsu is good but not as good Ninjitsu... I'll take you down! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, cute girls! :)

Liana said...

It's on!! I'll get you with my arm-breaking move when you're not suspecting ;) Winner has to wear the others T for a whole afternoon!! :P lol

Just look on OSP for the scary pics...they're everywhere on there!!