Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Showit Web (beta) is here!

I've convinced one of my perfectionistic (word?) programmers that I don't care if the program is perfect I just WANT IT NOW!!!! Haha...I guess I'm kinda like my clients! Speed sells and the quicker we can show our clients the great job we did shooting their wedding the more they will love the result!

That's why we do onsite slideshows with Showit Effects

and now we can put those same slideshows up online in a matter of minutes with virtually no work on our part! Showit Web is incredible and you've gotta try out a beta version on ShowitFast.com. I guarantee you'll be blown away at how easy it is...and it's gonna get even easier once the final version is released.


Liana said...

AWESOME DJ and team!!! Can't wait to see the whole suite & try out Showit Web with some stuff from this weekend!

|| davidjay || said...

I did nothing! Todd and Forest are the heros!

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded your trial version of SHOWIT. I like the interface so far. I understand how to post the slide show to a website, however, I am wondering how I attach or include the show in an email? thanks,
Aaron Willcox

|| davidjay || said...

:) In order to pass the show around via email simply upload the show to your website and then copy and past the link into the email and people will be able to click on it and view it on the web.