Thursday, September 01, 2005

LS2PJ Rocks

This week has been such a rush with my birthday and then getting prepped for the PartnerCon next week, but I was amped to checkout my pics from last weekend and see the amazing pics that Gary Fong's LS2pj produced.

I admit...I wasn't a LightSphere fan AT ALL because of how big and bulky they were and the big white dome was just too much of an eye sore for me, but this new version works brilliantly and you can hardly tell it's on your flash.

Because I have a beta version for the 580 flash I had to stretch it a bit to get it to fit over my 550 and I actually jacked my nail in the process...I'll post up a pic I just complain about breaking a nail! Anyway...I was kinda worried about taking it on and off but that's the best part - you don't have to! It folds up perfectly even while it's on your flash so you can pack your flash in your bag and have it ready to go at a moments notice in true PJ fashion. As you can tell it made for some beautiful, soft, and warm light. Everything I love for my pics!

Thanks Gary!

p.s. the shot of my better side is compliments of Dane Sanders and there are more pics here!!! and I'll upload more when I have a minute... :)

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