Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Hawaii is so awesome! It's actually a lot like Santa Barbara with a lot of really nice kicked back (Hippie-like) people. I always feel at home when I'm here. Today Tim and I tried to find the North Shore but we got lost...I get lost everywhere but the important thing is that I always pretend like I know where I am and that I never ask for directions...any of you men with me! Yea! Go men! We're dumb. :)


julie said...

you had no map in the car? that's just such a guy thing. i had a boyfriend once that would just drive and try to get lost just so he could be a man and find his way back home. i don't like to drive, so when i'm in a car, i know where i'm going so that i can get there and be done with it. on rare occasion, i will start up my car and not know where i'm headed, but i'm in search of a picture.

but i have a map in the car and my keen sense of direction so that i do not get lost!

kristen said...

I think you boys need to put those shirts back on!!! You're blinding everyone on the island! It's not nice to hurt other people like that!

Liana said...

Awww...I'm SOOOOOO jealous!!

You two are gonna come home with SEAT BELT TANS!!! hahaaha.

Seriously, watch out! Two buddies of mine did that in college and got burnt and they had seat-belt-tans for a whole year!! They didn't look so "cool" then. LOL.

Eat lots of pineapple and give Kristen a wave for me:)

Corrina & Zack said...

Your website is glorious! I just HAD to pull out our wedding album after enjoying your site. Check out our photographer... Again, your site is gorgeous.

Chris Humphreys said...

You guys rock! I'm so jealous. :)

(course most photographers would consider it aweomse to get a destination wedding in Santa Barbara!)


|| davidjay || said...

"You're blinding everyone on the island!" LOL...haha seriously...I even took down the mid tones in the curves and we're still white! Well...I'm still white but Tim's a nice shade of red today! Haha! we managed to avoid the seatbelt tans/burns but I definitely felt the straps on my camera bag more today than on other days... I should invest in sunscreen and map the next time I'm here!


Tim Halberg said...

Haha... Kristen is just jealous that she's not here with us exposing her white-girl self.

Just wish I had another day to work on my burn.

Unknown said...

"A rainbow kind of guy"???

LOL That's hilarious!!

MLB said...

Your photography work is
brilliant. It encourages and inspires me in my own.
Continue in your gifts and talents.

Josh Newton said...

If you guys ever get a chance, you should go to Kawaii! I'm sure you can get away with good photography anywhere in hawaii, but I relate Kawaii to a tropical Alaska. Absolutely gorgeous... well, I hope you guys are havin fun!


nate said...

the shaved ice guy is not the first one to call tim a "rainbow sorta guy???"

brooke said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time even though you were lost! I'm sure it added to the trips excitement! I hope all is well is S.B.