Sunday, August 28, 2005


I had the honor to shoot with a stellar crew of PhotoJournalists this weekend and it was such a blast! I've never experienced anything like it! Two years ago my friend Dane Sanders convinced me that it was more fun to shoot with friends than alone and we've been shooting weddings together off and on since then and it's always a blast. I stole this pic from his blog.

Yesterday we also had the treat of having Nathan Holritz come all the way from Tennessee to shoot with Tim and me! He totally rocked and it was a blast hanging with him this whole weekend!
Be on the lookout for a few chimping shots of Mr. Holritz as I think Tim caught him sneaking a peak a few (dozen) times! :P

Here's a quick collage of the day and you can see a bigger one on under my Schedule.


|| davidjay || said...

Haha! Is that how you got your nice calves???

|| davidjay || said...

:) Chimping is when photographers look at the back of their camera after they take a picture...we all do it and it's fun to try and catch other photographers chimping at weddings when they should be shooting.