Friday, August 26, 2005

Among Greatness!

...and with greatness comes great chimpers! :p

My friend and long time OSP comrad Janey invited me down to LA today to hang with three of the greatest wedding photographers of all time (Gary Fong, Joe Buissink, and [B]ecker! :) I felt the same that I felt when I first met Mike Colon and the only way to describe it I guess would be like a young aspiring basketball player getting to spend the day with Michael Jordan, or a young golfer getting to hang with Tiger Woods.

Honestly these guys are incredible and Gary Fong gave us each one of his new Lightsphere PJ to try out tomorrow so I'll be sure to post some pics from it after the wedding!

After that I got to celebrate with Raya and Forest because Raya graduated from Brooks today! Yipee!!!

Click Here for more pics! :)

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