Sunday, August 21, 2005

I wish I was shorter

At the end of the wedding last night I was exhausted and I realized two things:
1. I'm very out of shape and I need to exercise more...err...just exercising period would be a good start.
2. If I was a little bit shorter photography would be so much less tiring! The day after a wedding my legs are dead and these shots from Chris and Tim showed me why! I pretty much squat the whole day. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't even think so. I'm the shorest photographer that ever lived and I"m JUST as tired! :) I wish I was tall so I can complain about wishing I was short.

Ruth Rackley said...

I wish I was taller! I have to laugh, I'm 4'10 just like the shot gun. Have to take a ladder or stool to every wedding. I'm tired of always standing on my tip toes! but I have some great calves to show for it :)

Melissa Carl said...

Hey...I was looking at your site and listening to your background music. WHAT A PERFECT song for that. Have you ever met Joy? She is so sweet! I photographed her this year at the Alive Fest in Canal Fulton, OH. Come look at my post I did about her (and you) LOL

talk to you later
-Melissa Carl

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks Melissa! :) You're too nice! Joy Williams is amazing and I'm trying to get an email to her right now so she can see the site!

:) Your photos of her rock!!!

Ron Henry said...

I don't have that problem- 5'8 wish i did