Saturday, June 25, 2005

Happy Day!

This morning at 3:03am I moved the last piece of furniture from my old apartment into my new apartment and I am so happy to be done!!! I have many many many thank you's to say to my parents who were champs to come all the way out here and help me get this place put together, as well as to Tricia who has been an incredible help and support through it all even when I'm lame and don't answer the phone.

...and of course my man Tim who had to work in an empty apt for a week with no help from me and then who packed my car so full of my junk that I could hardly drive it! Seriously - if he wasn't so good at photography I'd suggest he start a packing business!

and lastly Happy Graduation to all of our friends from Brooks who graduated yesterday! Tim, Amy Janey, Jen, Becker, Jamie, who else??? I know I'm missing guys rock and I'm sorry I coulnd't make it to any of your parties yesterday but I was there in spirit!

I'll get some more pics up soon but here's one of my parents that I shot with my new SD500 that Tim persuaded me to buy! I love it!

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