Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gifts from God

We're kind of running with a theme of "gifts" this past week and there are several other things that have happened that have left me both INCREDIBLY EXCITED and INCREDIBLY EXHAUSTED!

It's ironic that last week my pastor talked to us a little bit about the gift of encouragement and how God has blessed some people with the abiity to communicate His love for us at just the right moment!

Well... someone like that has written their way into my's a future bride who's wedding I'll be shooting in Hawaii this September and I know she's going to read this (you'll see why in a minute) but I would say the same thing even if she wasn't going to read it because I want you all to see how UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING this girl is and how much impact you can have on someone by taking the time to do what she did! Seriously...I've read this email over a dozen times and it couldn't have come at a better time. The stress of the move, our new website, and the Brooks workshop totally hammered me last week and this girl is nothing short of an angel for taking the time to write this! Thank you!

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Jennifer of VanSuydam Photographers said...

And it's little things like that wonderful letter that make doing what we love all worth while. :)