Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stop Carrying Buckets

The summer before my senior year in college I went on a trip to help bring running water to the small village of San Pedro Sula in Honduras . There is a big city of San Pedro Sula as well but we were just working in a small village that had no running water and no electricity so in order to get water they had these big buckets that they would load onto the back of a truck and then they would take them to the river and use little buckets to fill up the big buckets.

This was their system for many years but our team was coming in and digging trenches and putting in pipes so that every house could have running water that came from a well up on the hill.

A year later my friend Deyl introduced me to this idea of building pipelines in my business life and it changed my whole way of thinking. He is in real estate and has an incredible understanding of how money works and how to make it work for you. We would spend hours talking and playing Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow game and then bounce ideas off each other .

***CLICK HERE*** to read his post and Robert Kiyosaki's brilliant ideas of how to stop working for money and start having your money work for you!


Sarah Barlow said...

Man, if you keep playing that cashflow game you'll end up having hundreds of kids!!!!...oh wait..was that just at my house?...LOL!!

Pipelines vs. Buckets...Awesome illustration!:)

Deyl said...

Yeah but you're doing it!! an inspiration to me and Paige :)

Tim Co. said...

Man thats an awesome analogy...I have been thinking about it all day, thanks for sharing DJ!

Anonymous said...

That is a powerful analogy! DJ you are an inspiration to all of us - creating abundance and value.

I think what happens is people are too afraid to put the buckets down to begin to build the pipeline... when what they need to do is "save" enough buckets so they can stop carrying just long enough to build the pipeline!

Saving money is so important. I am so glad that my dad was such a jerk in reminding me all the time to not spend money.

J@KE said...

So what do you call someone who carries buckets so he can afford the price of the parts needed to build the pipeline????


|| davidjay || said...

Sarah! Haha!!! Yea! Seriously! Your house is the most fertile place in the world!!! WOW! I think I had a baby everytime around the board!

Definitely work hard and save money and once you've saved a bit then finance the pipeline and pay the banker the 4% he wants for his money while you continue to bring in 30% and then start building another pipeline with that extra 26%

Gary has been the master of this in our industry! Everything he buys is an investment and he finds a way for it to pay for itself 10x while using that money to build and buy more money producing assets.


J@KE said...

Thanks DJ. You totally rock!!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! yeah..obviously fertile enough that even a guy can have a baby!!!

Anonymous said...

San Pedro Sula?? i was realy close to there this last summer! crazy, what a small world it is. I loved Honduras and i cant wait to go back. Hope we can hook up in may dj ill be in santa barbera for a few days.