Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Wedding Photography - Becker!

Well it looks like the BadWeddingPhotos blog stirred up some heat on some bridal forums so they had to remove it...not a big deal...but what made me bummed was to see some lame person come over and hack at my buddy Becker for posting up the link. Becker is awesome and such a fun loving cool guy who is always out helping people. He helped me a lot without even knowing it. When I was first getting started shooting weddings I bookmarked his site and I'd always check it out before weddings to get inspired and I still love his style and aspire to shoot more like him. You'll see a lot of his influence from my last wedding (slideshow posted below). I really appreciate all that he's done to help turn this into a respectable industry.

Moral of the story - if you're upset about something and you're over the age of 12 then act like a normal person and have a conversation about it but don't send these threatening emails and post lame stuff anonymously on blogs.

...and hire an awesome wedding photographer like Becker so your pics don't end up on that site!


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