Friday, July 15, 2005

Thank You OpenSourcePhoto!!!

A couple of days ago we received this awesome sign from a mystery OSPer and it's the funniest thing ever! I can already guess what my brother is gonna say and it's not something I can post! 8-) haha! He's the bad son and I'm the good son ;-)

You rock - thank you!

Also, OSP is almost at 10,000 posts!!! Can you believe it! As soon as the server switch takes place that number will be set back a a little bit and a few recent posts will be lost :( ... but please post them back and we'll have an online forum Hooraay to celebrate the 10,000 milestone!



Anonymous said...

What did the return address say?

|| davidjay || said...

:) I checked but I didn't see one! Did you send it!!!

Anonymous said...

What did the City Stamp say?