Saturday, July 16, 2005

10,000 Posts!!!

Tonight was a monumental night for the OSP community as we logged our 10,000th post! INCREDIBLE!

WOW! For the first time ever I'll be sending out a mass email to all of you (who have email notification turned on) and I'll try and send out an email every month with info about Showit and other cool stuff that I think you'd want to know about.

Another very exciting thing is that tomorrow morning a small group of beta testers will be receiving their versions of Showit! Yea! Forest and I have been cranking and doing as much testing as possible and I'm certain this program will be a huge help for people creating quick slideshows. We're going to try and get feedback from them quickly so we can make adjustments and get it ready for release to everyone! It will be available through

Again, much love to all of you and thanks for making this such a stellar place - I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of you soon!



Anonymous said...

I've been Spaminated!

No, really, that's awesome. We have formed a tightly knit group. I'm suprised that we haven't needed some full-time mods or have had some Character clashes or anything. ;)

That really speaks of good Christian witness. IMHO.

|| davidjay || said...

LOL... :) That was the first time I ever sent an email to all the board members so I hope I did it right and didn't send a million copies to you.

Everyone on the forum is great and I love that we have people who believe all sorts of different things...but still treat everyone with respect!

Dane Sanders said...

ShowIt is just amazing! I can't thank you enough for doing this service for the photography community. My business never ceases to benefit from your constant contributions. Thank you thank you thank you!