Monday, September 07, 2009

Photographer to Watch

Gail Werner. I found her because she started using Showit to build her website and I was just blown away with the site she created and even more amazed with the content on it.

I view websites as a package and the importance of making it "YOUnique" to YOU is vitally important. The old days of everyone having the same website are over and if you're looking for a great examply of someone who put the whole package together with a great design, Beautiful pictures, and a lovely "spunky" personality that shines through it all Gail Werner is it.

Click here to see her website!



Dawn Davis said...

SWEET... she's got a really personality! Thank you for sharing that with us!!!

Tim Halberg said...

one comment? no joke DJ... blogs are going downhill!!!

sweet stuff, and I love that she has several shots of herself!!!

I can't wait to re-do my site and get it more about me as well!

Ginger Murray said...

That's cause he never updates anymore, ha;)
(I am not one to talk).
No, but I think that people are probably visiting her site for sure!:)

Very lovely site, Gail!!!

Shane Lafever said...

Site goods great.

Sarah Bradshaw said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did David Jay just comment on my blog? I feel special! ;-)