Thursday, August 13, 2009

LAX Workout

LAX Workout, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I think I just crutched 1/2 mile through LAX. I had a short layover
here and they came to the plane with a wheelchair for me and that was
very nice but I'm not fond of being carted around in a wheelchair so I
had the guy drop me at the red carpet club and then when I had to
board again I just crutched it...but wow I'm outta breath and maybe
even sweating a little. Lol...that was a long way but I made it!!!

I'm off to London this week for a U2 show! I'm so excited!

Also, next Monday I'd love to meetup with some of you. We've already
got a few photographers planning to meetup so stay tuned for a time
and place!

Rock on!


Bobby Earle said...

Start practicing how many steps you can take JUST with your crutches... I was on crutches for a while and that kept me entertained through it all...

So psyched you're seeing U2!!!


Kylie Anne Griffy said...

I'm so jealous about the U2 thing...not the crutches thing!

Ginger Murray said...

Did you end up getting a cast? Or just a boot?

What about those golf cart things? Can't you ride in one of those?

Sarah Frenzel said...

That stinks about the crutches- I didn't hear what happened to your foot/leg. That's so awesome about seeing U2 in London! Are you going to the Rose Bowl Show? I talked to JD the other night at the OC Smug meeting about getting together a Photog tailgate party.

Sarah Frenzel said...

Just realized that I signed in as Sarah- this is Derek BTW! :)