Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Taking the green pill

Taking the green pill, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Its 6am and Crystal and I are on our way to Nashville! Yea! We are
meeting with "the bus people" I'll post pictures! I wanted to do the
tour on a bus because so many people will be coming along and I'm sick
of the airports and airlines and waking up and packing each day.

I think being on a bus will be way nicer because then you just walk
out of the ballroom and you're home.

My good friend Regis scolded me because he saw in one of my videos
that I was taking sleeping pills with wine and that is super dangerous
and I didn't know it so don't do that.

Also...we got publishing working on Showit Sites! :) so a small crew
will now be able to start publishing.



Daniel J. Watkins said...

Dude...can I send you a new hat? I'll make sure it's got that weathered look that you like...

Sweet Whispers Photography said...

haha we know all about tour buses in this house.. its fun but just be prepared for TIGHT QUARTERS with the SAME people so be sure you REALLY like them! haha :) How exciting!!!!!

MattDJ said...

Not the green pill!!!

Safe travels dude. Take care of yourself.

|| davidjay || said...

HAHAHA! DAN! You don't like my hair man! lol...I seriously need a new hat! You should see my hair AFTER the long flight!


Daniel J. Watkins said...

Oh...I'm not one to make bad hair day remarks...but, I just miss seeing your Steve Kline hats. Perhaps you need to make a line of ShowIt hats?

Tim Co. said...

dude you got it all wrong...this is the bus i'm looking at for my next tour lol. JK. After I saw the pricetag I think I need to book at least 2 or 3 thousand more weddings.

Michael Costa said...

You look like crap DJ! lol!!!

Michael Costa said...

But I also have to add you're the biggest stud I know!

Anonymous said...

Is that gray hair??? Don't tell me ur a going for the George Clooney.

Shane Melenbacker said...

I don't know of anyone who can pull off that look better than you. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new ride.

Samantha F. said...

Did you ever try meditating on a scripture before bed?

I'm all kinds of crazy about sleeping, and it bugs me when I hear that people aren't getting good rest or enough rest.

I'm going to recommend Psalm 31 in the NAB version. Check it out.