Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Whoa! cool!

So the "Freedom ...and slumber" event will probably be full by tonight. I am blown away and super excited. Within an hour of sending out the email it was half full so get your reservation in asap. 6 spots are filled and that means only 4 left. Gnarly!

Click here to see the schedule and to register!

I'm getting ready for my Freedom Club LIVE chat too! Super fun! I love these! There are 55 people online and ready for the 6 o'clock start from all over the world! This is cool!


Daniel J. Watkins said...

"David Jay and ShowitFast, Inc. reserve the right to refuse service to anybody at anytime."

Ooohhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaan...why'd you have to go and put that part in there? I knew there was a reason my payment was denied!!!

MattDJ said...

Dude, I'm already committed to Jules' workshop/seminar in LA on Thursday and am flying out on Friday. You've got a fantastic concept going here my friend and I reeaaally hope you plan on doing it again in 09!!! Consider packaging the days and selling a DVD. I'd be first in line hombre! ;-)