Friday, December 07, 2007

Showit Web Facebook settings

Be sure not to miss out on the viral power of this app! Whenever I add stuff like this I have a tendancy to uncheck all the little boxes but don't make that mistake with the Showit Web app because then nobody will know you've added a show!

If you did uncheck it then it's easy to fix by clicking here and editing your settings and don't worry we're not going to send you any spam or anything dumb like that but make sure that you are publishing your shows so everyone can see them!


jamiedelaine said...

DJ: This is awesome!! I added it immediately and already have five shows up on my profile. :)

I've also emailed all my past clients letting them know they can add it to their pages as well.

I'm so excited about this! Thanks again!!!

Mr. Billey said...

ahhh taking advantage!!!